Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ode to Dali

 You have your clocks, obscure monster faces cloud swirls. Where would I be with out this man.

Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali.

Drawing studies from the European painting collection at the Chicago Art Institute:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Conceptual Art

One of the classes that freshmen are required(one of many) to take at SAIC is a research class called, well, Research. We 'research' various topics and work our imagination and idea muscle and create highly conceptual pieces. One of the first projects we worked on dealt with 'collections'. We practiced collecting objects loosely tied to a theme of our choice: personal items, items under our bed, etc. We would then critique the collections, where the class would try and guess what the theme or idea of the collection was.

Ultimately we made a collection piece, where we had to collect objects that had consistency with each object. I collected stuff animals from a friend, and thrift stores. I took out the stuffing and re-stuffed them with the following: fries, flour (symbolized crack), cigerettes, and conditioner (symbolized sperm). My concept was, we stuff children(represented by the stuffed animals) with, for lack of a more thoughtful word, 'bad' things.

For instance, I chose fries because 50% of kids in America are over weight.

Flour, because drug dealers often smuggle drugs across the border by stuffing child's stuffed animal. There's also an urban legend that a couple hallowed their dead baby and filled the corpse with drugs...not sure if its real, but it exposes that drug smugglers will even exploit children.

Cigarettes, in 3rd world countries most families don't really tend to their children, so a lot of kids pick up smoking and become terribly addicted.

Conditioner(sperm), children make up a percentage of human trafficking and since they are too young to be impregnated men do not wear condoms.
Feed back included:
+making the stuffed animals the same(same stuffed animal) to make the piece more balanced
+getting a hold of real crack and sperm, would make the piece more powerful

Overall my class and teacher enjoyed it

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


love triangles



time(travel, warp, irrelevance)


3rd eye

weird movies

and of coarse, fashion.

Sketch Book Pages

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sacred and Common- new concentration pieces

These paintings are a diptych. I picked and stretched the cotton myself-and with the help of my dad. In the first piece we see a woman/model with a chicken head(which was tricky to paint, but i think i was quit successful!), and she is wearing a common dress with the floral design we see everywhere now a days. The chicken is actually the most common farm animal people own today (surprise surprise). So, the chicken head and dress are common, not really that special and everyone has it. Now the second piece is a woman/model with a cow head, wearing a couture dress, an actual couture dress by Juanjo Oliva Since the cow is considered a sacred animal, so might this dress after all it is couture, customed made for someones body, only a hand full made. Not a dress you'd expect to see EVERYONE in. So there you go. a contrast between the common and sacred.

Monday, March 8, 2010

5th concentration- after show party

Ok so usually after fashion show, there is most always a party! This is a masquerade themed party, and everyone is wearing a mask except for the 3 hostesses. I wanted to emphasize texture and patterns in the clothe, and felt I could do so in pen only. I left it black and white because I felt that adding color (through water color) would be a devastating assault to the viewers delicate eyes and mind.... so i left it old fashion black and white.I achieved different textures by different strokes and varieties of the pen. Since this is a party, the characters all have speech bubbles to show that they are socializing... because that;s what takes place in a party. talking and clothes. Also i tried to take it step further and transform the people wearing masks into the animals or things that their masks were, for example: The woman wearing a bird mask is transforming into bird, and the woman that is wearing horns for a mask has a furry leg.
We also see the passed out lady on the floor, who has had too much too drink
she is wearing a banana bra:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finished with 5th piece on to the next one-->

WELLL for my 6th piece I've decided to do a 'pattern', of 2 dresses.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MY 3rd concentration piece:

So after 3 weeks? of working on this monster IT is completed :D and ready!
it is 19.5'' by 28.7'' or so, and weighs in about 200lbs. It is entitled Opus, Fall 2014 Ready-to-wear. It is drawn in pen and painted in water color. Controlling water color has gotten even easier and fun for me.

So, here we see the in style fashion in the year 2014~ dresses are still hot, and so is wearing FAUX fur. Of course there will be people who love your clothes or HATE them. My personal favorite model is the one who has her ribs exposed and her guts floating upwards.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Works in Progress

These pieces some being finished and unfinished have been the center of my universe for the past months.
~From Nature to Fashion, 2nd concentration piece. 2'x3'
~Sitting on Cloud 9 in couture, painting with elements of collage, 11''x18''

New Painting

This piece isn't quite so finished but I have been working on it since i've taken it's picture.
It is 18''x24'' and it is titled Grimace

Summer Work at CCS

Over the summer
I had the privilege of going to the College of Creative Studies and partake in their summer program. They had a variety of classes to choose from: Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration and Interior Design. I chose to take Illustration programs and spent the next four weeks in illustration classes from 9 am to 6pm and sometimes to 9 pm. In my previous posts I have posted pictures of detroit and other paraphernalia. Some of the classes I took included: character development, comic book art, photoshop art, working with Maya, Mud box, and After Effects. In this post I will show the work I have done in the program:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AP Drawing Concentration 2008

I decided to continue my sophomore series on self
portraits, but I chose to add more emotional content and
narrative meanings to my pieces. I wanted my
concentration to be about the ‘behavior’ of my hair. It was
calm and straight on some days, and wild and frizzy on
other days. As I immersed deeper into my concentration I
wanted my hair to symbolize moods or different state of
minds I was in.
My first pieces are very detailed and have
a lot of movement and expression. In my last pieces I
became looser in my depiction of my hair and more
symbolic. In ‘Float’ ‘Freedom’ ‘Shrink’, my hair supports
the figures (me) attached to it. It becomes a living
organism; it is a giving tree. It gives the figures life,
protection, and comfort.
However, I do keep a constant focus on shape and
form in my pieces. My hair is wavy and curly in real life, so I
used that as a reference and inspiration for my pieces.