Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sacred and Common- new concentration pieces

These paintings are a diptych. I picked and stretched the cotton myself-and with the help of my dad. In the first piece we see a woman/model with a chicken head(which was tricky to paint, but i think i was quit successful!), and she is wearing a common dress with the floral design we see everywhere now a days. The chicken is actually the most common farm animal people own today (surprise surprise). So, the chicken head and dress are common, not really that special and everyone has it. Now the second piece is a woman/model with a cow head, wearing a couture dress, an actual couture dress by Juanjo Oliva http://www.fashionwindows.net/2009/10/juanjo-oliva-spring-2010/juanjo-oliva-spring-2010-5/. Since the cow is considered a sacred animal, so might this dress after all it is couture, customed made for someones body, only a hand full made. Not a dress you'd expect to see EVERYONE in. So there you go. a contrast between the common and sacred.

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