Monday, March 8, 2010

5th concentration- after show party

Ok so usually after fashion show, there is most always a party! This is a masquerade themed party, and everyone is wearing a mask except for the 3 hostesses. I wanted to emphasize texture and patterns in the clothe, and felt I could do so in pen only. I left it black and white because I felt that adding color (through water color) would be a devastating assault to the viewers delicate eyes and mind.... so i left it old fashion black and white.I achieved different textures by different strokes and varieties of the pen. Since this is a party, the characters all have speech bubbles to show that they are socializing... because that;s what takes place in a party. talking and clothes. Also i tried to take it step further and transform the people wearing masks into the animals or things that their masks were, for example: The woman wearing a bird mask is transforming into bird, and the woman that is wearing horns for a mask has a furry leg.
We also see the passed out lady on the floor, who has had too much too drink
she is wearing a banana bra:

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