Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AP Drawing Concentration 2008

I decided to continue my sophomore series on self
portraits, but I chose to add more emotional content and
narrative meanings to my pieces. I wanted my
concentration to be about the ‘behavior’ of my hair. It was
calm and straight on some days, and wild and frizzy on
other days. As I immersed deeper into my concentration I
wanted my hair to symbolize moods or different state of
minds I was in.
My first pieces are very detailed and have
a lot of movement and expression. In my last pieces I
became looser in my depiction of my hair and more
symbolic. In ‘Float’ ‘Freedom’ ‘Shrink’, my hair supports
the figures (me) attached to it. It becomes a living
organism; it is a giving tree. It gives the figures life,
protection, and comfort.
However, I do keep a constant focus on shape and
form in my pieces. My hair is wavy and curly in real life, so I
used that as a reference and inspiration for my pieces.


  1. These are my favourite of what you've ever done ever.

    fhewkfptioes m.