Monday, January 18, 2010

MY 3rd concentration piece:

So after 3 weeks? of working on this monster IT is completed :D and ready!
it is 19.5'' by 28.7'' or so, and weighs in about 200lbs. It is entitled Opus, Fall 2014 Ready-to-wear. It is drawn in pen and painted in water color. Controlling water color has gotten even easier and fun for me.

So, here we see the in style fashion in the year 2014~ dresses are still hot, and so is wearing FAUX fur. Of course there will be people who love your clothes or HATE them. My personal favorite model is the one who has her ribs exposed and her guts floating upwards.


  1. WORK IT!!!
    I enjoy this.
    we still have yet to sketch up ideas for our callabo, youre prolly so involved with your epic series anyways. oh time for moi I guess.

  2. you better draw curvaceous women in your concentration that look like the forever gorgeous GABY!!!